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- Fly Fishing Patagonia -

Patagonia is an anglers paradise of world class trout streams.

The Aisen region of Chilean Patagonia provides some of the finest fisheries in South America. Within this region can be found an incredible variety of rivers, streams, creeks, and lakes combined with some of the most breath-taking scenery found anywhere on the planet.


We work with the most experienced fishing guides (guide to client ratio never exceeds 1:2) in the region to bring you the best Aisen has to offer. You will fish world class waters such as the Nirihauo, Mañihuales, Simpson, Paloma, and Claro rivers in search of browns and rainbows that can exceed 10 lbs.

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Sample Fly Fishing Itinerary

Coyhaique Short Program

(This program is just an example of the many programs we have available). 

The Coyhaique


The Coyhaique has become an extremely attractive area due to the fact that during an average stay each fisherman can deal with different situations in all sessions. Our fishing program is flexible and we adapt to your preferences, so we don't have a pre-established program.

In the area we find structures for all types of fishing according to the chosen location and the date of visit during the season. Fishing can be done both from wading and from special boats according to your preferences and conditions of rivers. Also there’s a chance to fish for King salmon if you want to go for it or fish trout chasing the eggs around the salmon spawing beds.


Some of the most emblematic places of the area that we fish regularly are present bellow. To the above we must add a series of small rivers and little spots such as: mountain streams, lakes, spring creeks, water outlet of lakes, etc. However this is not mean all, we have our secrets!!


Main rivers: Simpson River, Mañihuales River, Paloma River, Emperador Guillermo River,  Huemules River, Aysén River, Blanco river,etc.


Main Lakes: Atravesado Lake, Monreal Lake, Azul Lake, Elizalde Lake, Frio Lake and Pollux Lake, Portales Lake, Castillo area lakes, etc.

A sample day itinerary:


8:00 - 8:30 am: Departure from the  Patagonia House Lodge to the selected destination.


9:30 am: Arrive at the fishing spot, fish and enjoy a gourmet lunch.


7:30 pm: Time to return to the lodge. This is flexible, if you want to fish the hatching of last hour or spend more time on the river, feel free to tell us. We don´t have schedules.

8:30 - 9:00 pm: Arrival at the lodge, enjoy a comforting pisco sour. Dinner at the Lodge or local restaurant.


Sample program schedule:

Day 1: In  Balmaceda airport/ non fishing day

Day 2: Coyhaique area fishing

Day 3: Coyhaique area fishing

Day 4: Coyhaique area fishing

Day 5: Out Balmaceda airport / non fishing day


Day 1: 

  • Reception at Balmaceda airport.

  • Drive to Patagonia House hotel (45 minutes drive), to leave the luggage and later relax at the hotel. 

  • Lunch at Patagonia House (depending of the time of your arrival.)

  • Evening meeting with your guide to plan the week.

  • Dinner at Patagonia House hotel.

  • Meeting with your guide to set the schedule of the week, check tackle and equipment.

  • Optional if there’s time, we can arrange a city tour at Coyhaique town.


Day 2:

  • Pick you up at hotel at 8:30 am.

  • The rivers to fish this day are: Huemules River/ Emperador Guillermo River/ Boca de Leon River/Coyhaique River, etc., depending on the climatic conditions. If the weather is hard for fishing river, there is the option to go to a lake (Monreal Lake/Frio lake/etc.).The plan for this day is to “get use to” fishing a river with a lot of action, which will be a learning lesson for the next days. Normally we start fishing with the Emperador Guillermo River which is one of the jewel we got around. Emperador Guillermo river is where you can make number and at the same time quality also allows any kind of fishing technique.

  • Return for dinner at the hotel.


Day 3:

  • Leave at 8:00 am from the hotel to go fishing to the upper/middle section of the Simpson River.

  • The upper section of the Simpson, allow us to do every type of fishing, most of all with dry flies if the conditions are appropriate. During the hottest months (January and February) is very common to fish with hopper. From the time of the end of February, we can count with hatch of stoneflies and mayflies.

  • Return for dinner at the hotel.


Day 4:

  • We pick you at 8:00 am at the hotel, to go fishing some of the principal lakes in the area. Initially suggested fishing Azul Lake, this is in the middle of two lakes, and they are connected by rivers allowing us fishing this. Other options are: Monreal, Zenteno, Portales,  Atr avesado, etc. 

  • Lunch: Barbecue on the banks of the Lake (the time for lunch is up to you)

  • Fishing up to the sunset, and then drive back to Coyhaique.


Fishing option 1 (example):

  • Departure of the hotel at 8:00 am, to do a float in one of the major rivers in the zone, like: Paloma River, Simpson River, Mañihuales River, etc. The stretch to float is according the fishing preferences of each fisherman and the conditions of the river.  Float is an option for this day; there are many other options for fishing, fish lakes around the region or wade river of minor size.

  • Streamside lunch, the hour depends on your decision

  • Fishing until 8:00 pm approximately 


Fishing option 2 (example):

  • Exit from the hotel at 8:00, to tackle course to Ñirehuao.  Ñirehuao River, it´s a pampas river which will allow us confront a completely different type of fishing that we were doing back in the other days. Mainly the fishing in this river is developed with patterns of grasshoppers and beetles which are the preferred food of the trout. In addition to fishing the main river, this can be combined with spring creeks which are nearby the area.

  • Fishing until 8:00 pm approximately.

  • Last Day dinner or local bbq.


Day 5:

  • Departure to Balmaceda airport to catch your returning flight.

  • Depending of the time of your flight you got the option to visit the hand craft market or down town Coyhaique.


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